Quality Testing Facilities

The Quality Control Department is independent of manufacturing shop. All Tests are carried out by trained quality personnel in compliance with the guidelines of Quality Assurance System. To strengthen the hands of quality personnel, we have equipped our laboratory & shop floor with necessary testing machines such as Hydro Testing Machine up to 5500psi, & off-line Eddy Current Tester, Ultrasonic thickness Tester, UTS, Hardness Tester, Electro Etching Machine, PMI for Chemically Assured Products etc.


Hydrostatic Test 6 mm to 38.1 mm OD & 19.05 mm OD to 219.08 mm OD Hydrostatic Test
Off Line Eddy Current Up to 90 mm OD Off Line Eddy Current
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Up to 10 mm (Digital) Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Positive Material Identification(PMI) Niton Positive Material Identification
Corrosion Testing Laboratory Glasswares to test IGC Pr. A & E acc. ASTM A 262  
Tensile Flange / Flare Flattening / Reverse Flattening Bend Test UTE 40-FIE Make (with Extensometer) flaring
Hardness Test Twin hardness tester, RAB-SAROJ make Hardness Test
Micro structure Analysis & Grain size examination Polishing Machine Electro Etching Machine Inverted Metallurgical Microscope with Optics & CDD camera microstructural
Dimensional Checking Measuring Instruments- Digital Vernier calliper, Flat & Ball Micrometer etc of Mitutoyo Make